Timeless season 2 episode 6 preview: Mason joins the team in the past

Timeless season 2NBC has released the synopsis for Timeless Season 2 episode 6 titled “The King of the Delta Blues” and we are psyched about this episode to say the least. Take a look at the synopsis below:

“04/22/2018 (10:00PM – 11:00PM) (Sunday) : When Rufus (Malcolm Barrett) and Jiya (Claudia Doumit) add a fourth seat to the Lifeboat, for the first time ever, Connor Mason (Paterson Joseph) joins the team as they travel back to the dusty backroads and smoky juke joints of the Depression-era South to rescue the life and legacy of Robert Johnson (guest star Kamahl Naiqui) – King of the Delta Blues, Godfather of Rock n’ Roll and a man who, legend has it, bought his musical genius from the Devil for the price of his soul. Meanwhile, Agent Christopher (Sakina Jaffrey) keeps Wyatt (Matt Lanter) in the present to execute a dangerous raid on Rittenhouse headquarters.”

The synopsis has us very excited because there are so many great things happening. First off, there’s going to be a fourth seat in the lifeboat so that Connor Mason can join the team. However, we are curious about this given that the series revealed that when you have four people in the lifeboat complications can occur. For example, Jiya’s visions and a previous employee’s past case of schizophrenia. Was this because there were only three seats before? Is that why they are officially adding a fourth seat? We’re willing to bet that it was to be along these lines.

So for the mission Mason will be participating in, we can safely assume that Garcia Flynn rounds out the four lifeboat seats. So has Flynn officially gotten the team’s trust? Probably not fully yet, but they must trust him to a degree now to send Mason, Lucy, and Rufus on a mission without Wyatt.

Speaking of Wyatt, Agent Christopher is sending Wyatt on a dangerous raid on Rittenhouse. So what does this mean and is he going alone? Well, we certainly hope he will have backup for his sake. Maybe this mission has something to do with why Jessica isn’t dead anymore or maybe he will be trying to stop Rittenhouse from sending someone back in time as a sleeper agent. Our other concern is whether Wyatt can mentally handle it because of the return of Jessica. He’s going to be in a love triangle and that can take a toll on a person, especially when he has feelings for both women.

Either way, this episode is going to be one to watch.

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