Savannah Guthrie swears on The Today Show live, apologizes

TodayIn what seems to be a moment that hits a news anchor at some point during their career, Savannah Guthrie had a bit of a swear-word mishap during The Today Show live on Wednesday morning. What happened is pretty simple: She was caught on a hot mic looking at notes when she audibly said “s–t” — it may not have been so audible that every person watching caught it but some clearly did.

As any person in her position should do, Guthrie did the right thing basically as soon as she possibly could, moving onto social media and issuing an apology over what she said. She seems to be laughing it off, thanking viewers for their understanding also saying it’s a good thing she doesn’t wear a mic all day long. Hey, people swear and we suppose that over time you get into a pattern of when you’re on-camera and when you’re off. This also wasn’t one of those situations where she was audibly cursing out some other people in the studio, which we’ve certainly heard stories about in the past with other people.

Also, clearly The Today Show has been through a lot worse over the past year than Guthrie saying a swear word on-air that she obviously didn’t intend to do. This will blow over probably by the next time The Today Show is on. This isn’t even the worst moment of someone swearing live on NBC this year — during the Sam Rockwell episode of Saturday Night Live he audibly dropped the f-bomb in the middle of a sketch, much to the horror of the show’s producers. That was also far more audible than anything that Guthrie did here.

Guthrie now anchors Today with Hoda Kotb, and the show will clearly go on — potentially with a little less cursing in the future.

Did you even catch the moment with Guthrie on Today this morning, or was it something that you completely missed? Share below.

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