Bull season 2 episode 18 review: The case of Dr. Laura Allen

Bull season 2 episode 18We knew going into Bull season 2 episode 18 that there would be drama, just as we also knew that there would be an appearance from Dana Delany as Assistant U.S. Attorney Sylvia Banner. She is a character who was desperate to try a doctor in Laura Allen for her controversial practices, including using a marijuana-derived oil for treatment and moving it across state lines.

Was she really guilty of this? She certainly did make controversial practices as a doctor, but she also did it with the best of intentions. This case was serious, but then it also found a way to spiral out of control when Dr. Allen’s son Nicholas became involved. She was accused of treating her son in an improper manner and that was enough to send Child Protective Services into the home. To make matters even worse, after her son was sent to the hospital for a checkup he then later escaped. Laura prioritized finding him over court and got herself locked up for the duration of her trial in the process.

If there was one saving grace for Bull in this particular case, it was finding a saint-of-a-doctor who ended up realizing that her treatment wasn’t altogether dangerous. He had a personal connection to her case and Benny used that in order to convince the jury on the stand that her methods, while not altogether legal in some states, were ethical for the sake of helping some of these patients.

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Eventually Bull did win the case, but in the process realized that Sylvia Banner was no ordinary attorney. Even when it looked like she was almost sure to lose the case, she still didn’t want to concede and that posed more challenges for Bull. He had to figure out a way to sell the case one last time in order to ensure that the jury decided to go in the direction he wanted.

There’s still something wonderful about seeing the way in which Bull and his client celebrates after the fact, right? We certainly got that here. The case was over and, curiously, Banner didn’t seem to be altogether upset about the loss. She recognized that this was the will of the people and that was all she really cared about.

CarterMatt Verdict

Let’s kick this off by saying that Delany was fantastic in the Sylvia Banner role. She is, by far, one of the most interesting opponents we’ve seen for Bull to date … mostly because she is almost impossible pin down when it comes to her thinking. She’s innovative, but also still steadfast in her believe that the law is the law and she is just there to play her part.

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