Lucifer season 3 episode 19 review: Maze’s big move; Charlotte’s revelation

Lucifer season 3 episode 19We had a feeling going into Lucifer season 3 episode 19 that “Orange is the New Maze” would not disappoint. Maze-centric episodes rarely do, and this particular one ended with her getting an offer that could change the entire show as we know it.

In the closing minutes of the episode, we ended up seeing Maze determined at all costs to return to Hell, and for good reason given that nothing in Los Angeles was working altogether well for her. Her relationships with Amenadiel and Linda were crumbling to dust, she was just framed for a series of crimes she did not commit as a result of her bounty-hunting, and she also knew that she would never be Lucifer’s first choice. He always would favor Chloe, regardless of if she was with Marcus Pierce or anyone else.

Therefore, she listened to Cain’s offer in the closing minutes to work together — regardless of whether or not it was a bad decision for her to make, recent actions have her now entertaining it. They can help each other, even if their decisions in turn end up hurting some of the other people close to them. This is bad news for Lucifer, and it’s especially bad given that Lucifer seems to no longer be of use to Marcus. With that in mind, he seems to have no problem pushing him as far away from Chloe as possible.

To make matters worse for Lucifer, Chloe is more than intent on doing that herself, embracing a relationship with a man who is harboring a big secret and an identity she is not aware of. The longer Cain is with her, the more danger she is effectively in as he yearns for a way to escape the cycle of life. It’s very fascinating how Lucifer is this show with so many supernatural elements; yet, Lucifer’s primary motivation now seems to be just protecting Chloe at all costs.

Charlotte learns the truth

After Amenadiel broke the rules and revealed the “connection” between Charlotte and Mom, tonight Tricia Helfer’s character actually got a crash course in some of what’s going on and what happened to her over the course of this past season. Lucifer showed her his wings and made it clear to her that she’s actually not as crazy as she thought for believing in such supernatural stuff.

Charlotte’s reaction to the truth was wonderful in how it was so unexpected — she didn’t seem to be shocked or horrified in as much as she was just relieved that she wasn’t completely losing it.

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CarterMatt Verdict

While “Orange is the New Maze” was a bit more serious of a Lucifer episode than we’ve seen as of late it was still infinitely enjoyable from start to finish — there was big movement in the plot to go along with some other funny moments, including Maze being terrible at replicating Ella’s hugs and also Chloe being a surprisingly terrible liar to Lucifer when it comes to her relationship with Pierce.

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