Chicago PD season 5 episode 18 review: Did Upton get in too deep?

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Chicago PD season 5 episode 18 continued the story of Denny Woods and his attempts to shut down Intelligence, but the main story at the heart of the hour was seeing Hailey Upton revive an alter ego from her past in Kelly. She was desperate to nail the head of a drug ring, someone who had been a part of her life for years dating back to before she was a part of Intelligence.

The deeper that Upton got into the case, the more in turn it started to seem as though she / Kelly needed to do what she could in order to ensure that she took the guy down once and for all. What this produced, in turn, were some trust issues between the two parties — especially when she went rogue after Voight told her to shut things down. Yet, Halstead ended up trusting her — she was there for him during his spiral and he, in turn, felt like the best thing that he could do was be there for her in his own way. He did that, and this led to everyone squaring off in a parking garage scene that was violent, dark, and harrowing.

Basically, Upton had every reason to kill her target — she was responsible for years of mental torment and beyond that, he sexually assaulted her while searching for a wire on her body. Yet, Halstead convinced her to not go through with it so that they could arrest the guy instead. She now has justice, but unfortunately we have a feeling that this is not a case that she is going to be forgetting about in the near future.

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In the aftermath of the case Halstead and Upton had more conversations about what happened in the past, including that the man Hailey was trying to avenge with this case was one who she cared about deeply — he protected her and they looked after each other.

One of the things that we did appreciate about the show tonight was not hooking Halstead and Upton up at the end of the episode. While we’re not opposed to the idea in the future this was clearly not the time; instead, this was more of a story about Hailey coming to terms with what happened and figuring out how to look ahead.

CarterMatt Verdict

Excellent performances tonight from Tracy Spiridakos and Jesse Lee Soffer, not that we really expected anything other than the two parties being fantastic. This story really forced both characters to take some long, serious looks at who they are and the sort of cops they want to be. We were already rooting for them before; now, we’re doing that more than ever.

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