Ink Master season 10 interview: Fame talks elimination and Steve Tefft’s decision

Fame Ink Master season 10Watching Fame go home on the last episode of Ink Master season 10 was the worst. He’s a great artist, who was so easy to root for. Unfortunately, things just didn’t work out for him the way that we hoped they would and he went home earlier than we wanted.

We had a chance to speak with Fame about his time on the show, how he felt about his elimination, his over all experience on a show as tough as Ink Master and Steve’s choice of face-off tattoo style.

CarterMatt: How would you describe your Ink Master experience overall?

Fame: It was a once in a life time experience. I’m very humbled an honored to have been even chosen to complete in the Ink Master competition.

Did you think that you would be going home before the judges announced that you were?

No, I truly felt even before tattooing that it was going to be a easy win. It was black and gray. That’s my specialty.

While working on the last tattoo did you get a sense that a lot of the other artists were trying to help Jeremy?

Yes I did notice, but I truly felt without their help Jeremy would had done a worst tattoo.

Did you think at the time that Steve was favoring yours and Roly’s style over Jeremy’s?

Yes. I believe Steve knew exactly who were the 2 best artist to have on his team from this point on. So he decided to give us something easy, but it’s a little harder for Jeremy

You had some really great tattoos this season and even won Tattoo of the Day a couple of times. What was the one you were the most proud of.

I am definitely most proud of my undead vampire. I had so much fun. Finally able to do a scary creepy tattoo I never do and having the help of an Ink Master that specializes in dark horror tattoos helped. I didn’t let team Steve down.

Is there any style you wish you had gotten a chance to do this season?

Yes of course. I wanted to show my portrait work. Something I love doing and specialize in.

Finally, would you go back to compete if asked?

Yes, I would love to be part of Ink Master in some way.


A very special thank you to Fame for speaking to us about his time on the show. We were really bummed to see him, but but unfortunately we are at the point of the season where there are so many great tattooers and we don’t want to see any of them leave.

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