Outlander, the Emmy panel, and the Jamie – Frank of it all

Outlander season 4For this particular CarterMatt Outlander article, we have to discuss for a moment the Jamie of it all.

There were a number of interesting behind-the-scenes insights that came out of the Emmy event on Sunday but, in general, what is making headlines is the claim from executive producer Maril Davis that the man in the kilt who Frank sees in the very first season is Jamie. This is not something that is altogether shocking to book readers, as it is something that author Diana Gabaldon has said in the past. Yet, it’s not something that has been discussed as much when it comes to the series, which is clearly looking to address this particular story at some point.

So how are they going to present this story? There are ultimately many different ways in which they could, but as far as we know, Jamie Fraser is not a time-traveler. There’s very little reason to jump forward in time, especially to the early days before Claire even knows who he is. Also, Davis herself confirmed on Twitter after the fact Sunday that she didn’t necessarily mean that Frank is seeing Jamie in the present.

So what could the significance of this be? For now, we’re not viewing this so much as a game-changer as it just is something that adds a little bit more narrative weight to the story. This could just be nothing more than Frank getting a glimpse into his family’s history, given that he is the descendant of the notorious Black Jack Randall. Beyond just that, it is also possible that Frank is just having a premonition bout someone who is going to have a significant role in his life to come. Given that this is a series where time-travel is possible, it doesn’t feel  as though someone being a little bit clairvoyant is completely out the picture.

One other idea that came to mind is that maybe, the person Frank sees is a reflection of Jamie, a descendant of William’s who just so happens to look just like him similar in the way that Frank looks just like Jonathan. It may be nothing more than a fun Easter egg but either way, this is a fun component to add to the story as a whole.

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