Madam Secretary season 4 episode 14 review: Jay and Kat’s crisis; Jason’s SAT scores

Sara RamirezTonight, Madam Secretary season 4 episode 14 continued its waiting game when it comes to one subject: Conrad Dalton’s return. There was no sighting of the President tonight; instead, Elizabeth had her work cut out for her taking on a completely different sort of crisis.

To be specific, we’re speaking here about Jay and Kat’s efforts in order to help some LGBTQ refugees after they were being persecuted by a hostile regime overseas. These two were absolutely intent on accomplishing their mission, but in the process of that they ran into other problems — just because they found supporters without prejudices for one community did not mean that they harbored zero prejudices for others. This led ultimately to more crises and problems down the road and this became a key point of conflict for this story as a whole. Elizabeth had to find a way to do cleanup duty and ensure that nothing terrible was going to befall some of these brave people.

Along the way, this story also explored Kat’s sexuality in a way that we haven’t seen to date. She talked to Jay about being bisexual and how her appearance changed over time, how she co-parents with her ex, and how she also feels so much more comfortable now in her own skin than she once did. This was a great episode for this character and, to the surprise of no one, Sara Ramirez was nothing short of brilliant from start to finish.

Elsewhere in the episode

With Jason McCord, he actually had some wonderful news in a perfect SAT score, which basically ensures that he can go to virtually any college he wants — especially given who his parents are. Yet, he was afraid of that pressure and didn’t quite know what he wanted from his life. This was a story for him about communication, and also realizing that his parents were there to help him and weren’t out to chastise or judge him in the slightest for whatever he wanted to do. Once he realized that, the walls started to come down.

There was one other bit of good news at the end of the episode: Henry being honored for some of his work with the Intelligence community. He had an opportunity to score a victory after a lot of professional turmoil for him.

CarterMatt Verdict

Madam Secretary season 4 episode 14 brought a lot of interesting stuff to the table from start to finish — it was interesting, thought-provoking, and it gave us a chance to see so much more of Sara Ramirez and we greatly appreciate that.

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