Big Brother Canada interview: Andrew Miller on eviction, Ryan’s questionable moves

Andrew MillerAndrew Miller was put in a bad spot on Big Brother Canada from pretty much the moment everyone officially entered the house. He was forced to assign people into Heaven and Hell groups and from that point on, he never quite recovered. He did make some other mistakes along the way, including campaigning too hard for Rozina, and he also was the victim of some bad luck i.e. his chief ally Ryan doing something really silly in nominating one of his own allies for eviction.

So what did Andrew have to say about his eviction, Ryan’s questionable move to nominate him and Hamza, and also what he would have done if he was in power? In our latest Big Brother Canada exit interview Andrew is more than candid on all of this and then some.

CarterMatt – Anytime that there’s somebody over 30 in the Big Brother house, we do wonder sometimes if there’s a struggle to relate to some of the other people since this show typically casts quite young. Did that hurt you at all?

Andrew – I don’t think so, to be honest with you. I’ve been told I keep a youthful energy; I feel current with my music and my fashion and I try to keep youth around me. I hang out with some young guys in my circle outside the house. I don’t feel like I had an issue connecting with them, but maybe they felt like they had an issue connecting with me. They might have seen me as an old threat.

I felt pretty good with the people at first; I don’t know what soured so quickly.

You got hit with a pretty big whammy almost right away in this game…

That might have been it (laughs).

I’m curious about that. Did that change your strategy immediately?

Oh for sure. My strategy was to come in and lay low, be the jovial uncle who can come in and talk to them about life, cook meals and be chill. I wanted to blend in as much as I could as a large, 6-foot-4, 315-pound black guy.

Having to separate the house from Heaven and Hell, 50% of the house was going to be mad at me and even the people who I saved were not loyal to me. You know what I mean? I was in the tough spot. I tried to work with people that I vibed with, but even the people that I vibed with the most like Erica stabbed me right in the face.

Rozina said before the game that she was going to cook and use that to her advantage. You told me the same thing. Is being the cook in Big Brother Canada cursed?

I would definitely advise people to not cook, not clean, and not do anything. Big Willie is doing the cooking right now and he seems to be in a good spot, though! The funny thing is that I don’t even do any cooking in my real life; my wife does all the cooking! I became a cook in the house and long story short, it didn’t work out.

If I did it again, I probably wouldn’t cook as much. I’d just let these young people starve and eat peanut better and jelly sandwiches all day long.

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On the show one of the things that was told to us was that you were pushing for Rozina to stay. How much did you want her to stay and what were you doing to campaign?

I was just trying to play a logical game, so I did ask a couple of guys ‘hey, you’re not really doing much getting rid of the old lady of the house. Keeping the old lady who is not a threat to your game, who is doing laundry and washing dishes versus the athletic young lady with the crazy social game. That’s more of a threat!’

I did campaign for Rozina to stay and I might have stuck my neck out for the wrong people. I knew it the moment I told Derek that we should get rid of Ali. He ran like a little punk to his girl in the house and told her what I said. I don’t know — Derek just disappointed me. I asked him if he was playing his own game or whatever his girl was doing and he told me [something that wasn’t true]. Every time I’d ask him something he would say ‘okay, let me check with Kaela.’

Long story short, these guys just gotta play their own game.

To be honest with you, that’s what frustrated me a little bit about Ryan this past week.

Ryan disappointed me, but things are crazy in the house! Your best ally will put you up and say that he’s got a plan, but it’s week two, bro! Take your shots when you take your shots. If you’re such a big gamer, hit your shots. It was a weak move and he tried to do too much, walk a thin line and play a neutral game. Obviously, that didn’t work. He put himself in a tough spot.

If I was Head of Household, I would have never put him up. Never. I’m not trying to do backdoor moves. If I’m coming for you, I’m coming for you and you know it. That’s how I’m playing. Everyone is trying to play too cute, man. Sometimes you gotta get dirty.

What would an Andrew HoH have looked like? Who would you have put up?

I would’ve turned this house upside down, man! I would’ve put that romance up. Love Connection has been off the air for a long time now. I ain’t trying to watch that. Ryan is a great guy, but you gotta take the shots; I would’ve put Kaela and Derek on that block and let them sweat it out. Whatever lover pulled themselves off, I’d put up either Ali or Olivia and get rid of one of the cool kids. These kids are just hanging out and talking about eyelash glue. No one cares! Let’s play Big Brother.

Did Veronica and Merron’s introduction change anything for you at all?

When they walked in, I don’t know if the camera caught it, but I was so happy. One because Merron is a young brother and I support young brothers in all their future endeavors. Veronica’s a firecracker too! She’s definitely gonna rub people the wrong way and turn up the heat and her diversity braids are definitely something different. It was new energy in a house full of bored people. You gotta love that, right!

The moment the Veto is done and you and Hamza were both still on the block, did you know your fate was sealed? How much did you do to campaign?

I kept on pushing. At the root of it Hamza is a bigger threat, but for some reason they just didn’t like me (laughs). Why would you keep the young, athletic soccer coach over the older man with the gray hairs in the beard? I don’t know what game these guys are playing, man. People play the game how they want to and maybe this is the new wave of horrible gameplay and bad moves. I can’t co-sign that type of style.

Who are you going to keep in contact with?

Me and Hammers a.k.a. Hamz a.k.a. The Lebanon Don have made many plans to go see the Raptors. Hopefully we’re going to see a game. My boy, Merron, I gave him a bunch of stuff — I gave him some clothes, I gave him a bowtie, and I gave him some hair grease.

Of course, how can I be mad at the jolly ginger man Ryan? I gotta hang it with my boy. We had some great times and he’s my guy for life. Hopefully his poor gameplay doesn’t haunt him for the rest of his life (laughs).

What’s the first thing you’re going to do when you’re done with all this craziness?

I’m gonna give my wife a big kiss and go see my brothers and my nephews and give out some hugs. Then I’m gonna go see my mama and get a big ol’ bowl of that oxtail and some jerk chicken, extra gravy! Brother’s gotta eat, man.

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