Should a Grey’s Anatomy wedding happen this season?

Megan HuntMrs. Carter: Are we on the cusp of getting a Grey’s Anatomy wedding at some point a little bit later this season?

(Warning: There are some spoilers ahead from Thursday night’s new episode of the series. If you haven’t watched yet, steer clear.)

At the end of tonight’s episode we saw a big breakthrough for two characters on the series as Alex and Jo officially got engaged! They’ve both been on long and at-times painful journeys, but it does seem as though the two parties have found an end for themselves that is happy and can be celebrated in its own way. It was also an unorthodox proposal, as it was Jo who proposed to Alex rather than the other way around.

So is it possible that the two parties are going to be married at some point by the end of the season? We’re not ruling it out. There are a number of reasons for these two to get married before the end of the season, with the biggest one being that we don’t envision either one of them being the sort who wants some sort of huge, elaborate ceremony. The only reason that they might is because Jo has spent so much of her life doing things in quiet. Having a bigger, more dramatic ceremony could be a great way for her to try something different with her life. (We do still think that this wedding would and could happen tomorrow and pretty much everyone involved would be happy with that.)

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One other reason for the Jo – Alex wedding to happen this season is fairly clear: There is still plenty of time to go in this season. We do have more than eight episodes to go and that’s more than enough time for the show to feature storylines about the planning process and so much more. Who doesn’t love to have a big wedding during the season finale?

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