The Fosters season 5 episode 19 review: Moving forward; saying goodbye

The moment that The Fosters season 5 episode 19 showed its “previously on” at the start of its second episode tonight, it was pretty clear as to what was going to happen.

Close to halfway through this episode Brandon officially lost Grace; the character died, and because of a transfer of proxy over to her mom we didn’t have to worry about him being forced to let her go. This was a painful, heartbreaking loss, and with that it was probably a smart move that the series didn’t kill her onscreen. That would’ve been almost too much for us to take.

As it was, it was still difficult watching Brandon cry his eyes out, knowing that his dream of Coachella with Grace was never going to happen. He may have been prepared for it in some ways, but that doesn’t make it easier when it happens.

After this happened, it was Callie who had to figure out a way to help him manage his grief so that the two could make it to Anchor Beach’s big graduation ceremony. She did this while also, somehow, finding a way to handle her own sadness over a breakup.

Meanwhile, Jude decided to leave his streaming club behind after turning into a jerk and not enjoying being around Declan. With that, he and Noah got back together and he seems to be so much better for it in the end.

Joy beyond the pain

What The Fosters did in the closing minutes was somewhat wonderful. They flash forward to many different graduations beyond just the one with Brandon and Callie, including getting to see Jude graduate, learning that Brandon is engaged to Eliza, that Callie is almost a lawyer, and everyone seems to be pretty happy. Mariana also has an opportunity to go to school at MIT! Basically, everyone seems to be getting some sort of happy ending.

Yet, that’s not the only ending that we have — in the closing minutes Stef and Lena get news about another kid in nee of a home. Are they about to be foster parents all over again? That seems like it’s possibly going to be the case.

CarterMatt Verdict

If you love The Fosters, isn’t this probably the best sort of way that you’re going to get to tie together the series as a whole? This finale seemed to be a fantastic celebration of the show that was and then also the show that could be.

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