Ink Master season 10 episode 11 preview: Is surprise elimination coming?

Ink Master season 10 episode 11Moving into Ink Master season 10 episode 11, one of the big conclusions that we’re drawing about this season is that it is a little bit in need of a spark. It needs something to stir up some conversation in ways that we haven’t quite seen to date. A surprise elimination may be just that.

Would it be a shame to see someone go home who probably doesn’t deserve to go home? Sure, but that is sometimes the way that things go with this competition and that’s something that we could very well be seeing here, as well. The preview makes it look as though the judges may be forced to be sending an artist how who may not deserve it, but may have just been bad on one particular challenge. You also get some glimpses of both Frank Ready being concerned and of Deanna Smith tearing up. Obviously, this could just be the show setting up some red herrings to make you think that someone from Team DJ Tambe is in trouble, but losing someone on that team would actually be one of the shocks that the series needs given that this team has, at least to date, but incredibly dominant ever since they got down to just three members.

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As for other notable moments from the preview, we did see Jeremy Brown having a moment with Steve Tefft where the two promised to patch things up and work together better — which they obviously both need to do. Jeremy can’t switch coaches as far as we know, and to go along with that Steve needs him to have a better chance at winning the final face-off at the end of the season.

Is Team Anthony Michaels in the best position? Maybe, if for no other reason than that they’ve won a lot of challenges and yet somehow don’t seem to be targets. That could change at some point coming up in the future but we don’t quite think that we’re there just yet.

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