Big Brother Canada 6 live feed spoilers: Is a new alliance forming? (day 11)

Merron HaileWhile we are very much enjoying Big Brother Canada 6 so far, one of our issues with it is that the dominant alliance has been a little bit blase. Think about Derek, Kaela, Jesse, Olivia, and the like — what are you seeing from them at the moment that is altogether different or interesting? There’s not all that much. We’re not saying that every person outside of the core is the best player or super-interesting, but we like to see things mixed up a little bit and where underdogs start to become power players in the game.

This is where the idea of an alliance led by Merron and Hamza intrigues us a little bit. Last night, the two talked a little bit about a group that includes the two of them, Ryan, Will, Paras, Maddy, and Veronica. Obviously some of these news are in flux since they haven’t exactly agreed to anything. Also, Paras is working with a lot of different people, Ryan has already shot himself in the foot once, and Veronica’s a total wild card and may not be able to be trusted with important information. Merron’s clearly the better player of the two gate-crashers.

Interestingly, though, this whole alliance would fit what Paras said she wanted to do pre-game — get into an early dominant alliance while still keeping herself open to working with this misfits. This group is clearly the misfits. You’ve got a number of outsiders in here but also a few people with a lot of game knowledge. The problem we foresee is that there are a few people in this group who could be competition duds — also, Ryan can’t even play in the next Head of Household.

It’s far too early to say if this will solidify, but seeing this group try to run the house over the next few weeks would be very entertaining if it happens. We like Merron’s energy a lot as a player; he’s someone who also smartly recognizes that his back is against the wall and is actively trying to change it without putting a huge target on his back.

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