More Than Just Two Geeks Chapter 2, Part 1 released — talent shows and other comedy

More Than Just Two GeeksToday, the latest chapter of the More Than Just Two Geeks audiobook by Matt Carter with Jason Prager is now online, and this one is especially a good bit of fun if you love hearing about hidden talents, social dynamics, and also how geeks start to get used to attention being put upon them by the opposite sex.

The basis of the discussion within this episode is Beauty and the Geek season 5 episode 2 (watch over on YouTube, if you’d like), an episode that is probably one of the more entertaining ones of the season. There’s pretty much everything that you could want within this episode: Heroes and villains, redemption stories, Matt awkwardly reading poetry, Jason rapping, hot-tub drama, and arguably the most ridiculous way of determining who gets sent to elimination ever.

Beyond just the events of this episode, though, More Than Just Two Geeks remains a story all about reality TV behind the scenes and some of the emotions that come with being a part of such a crazy experience. The first part of this episode touches on early friendships, what happens when you start to get anxious over seeing fellow cast members getting eliminated, and also the delicate struggle of figuring out whether or not someone is using you because they want to get ahead as opposed to whether or not they actually like you. There’s a lot of nuance that goes into how other people think about you in this environment and it can be difficult to figure out.

Hopefully, More Than Just Two Geeks continues to be an interesting and funny journey for you as you learn more about what goes into making a reality show — there are still many more chapters coming up! Remember to subscribe to CarterMatt on YouTube in the event you don’t want to miss an update. If you haven’t listened to the first two chapters as of yet, we’ve set up a playlist so you can listen from the very beginning! Check that out below.

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