Big Brother Canada 6 live feed spoilers: Week 2 Veto winner (day 10)

Big Brother Canada 6 - Veto winnerIt may have taken some time, but we do know finally the Veto winner within the Big Brother Canada 6 house — though we also still have very little clue at present as to why the feeds were down for so long in the process.

If you recall, before the challenge we saw Ryan trying to do just about everything that he could in order to puppet things to where nobody would really try for the Veto other than himself, Hamza, and Andrew — which would in turn ensure that he would be able to go after his desired target for the week in Olivia. Yet, that plan didn’t quite work out for him. Not only did Erica win the Veto, but she opted to not use it, ensuring that the nominations remain the same and that either Hamza or Andrew leaves on Thursday.

Not only did Ryan’s plan blow up terribly, but it also seems that in the process he made some enemies. Veronica is especially angry about some of his shadiness and wants to call him out via house meeting. Before the game, Ryan told us that he wanted to be thought of as one of the greatest players of all time, similar to his idol of Dr. Will Kirby. Based on the events of this week, his performance as HoH may be somewhat closer to Poppin’ Paul. He seems to have forgotten one of Dr. Will’s central tenets: Don’t win HoH. There was no real reason for him to win this here since it seemed as though he was in a decent spot beforehand, especially with both Hamza and Andrew being so far removed from power in the game.

The one saving grace Ryan may have is that either Hamza or Andrew will still be around after Thursday so technically, there is a little more time for him to figure out how to change things up for him within the game.

If you missed it…

Check out our video below, which contains some venting over the way in which the Big Brother Canada live feeds have been handled — we also offer up some solutions to make them better, mostly because we want to be at least solutions-oriented in some form.

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