Is Jane the Virgin ending with season 5?

Jane the Virgin season 5

Will Jane the Virgin season 5 be the final season for the series on The CW? While nothing is confirmed at the moment, early signs are starting to suggest that this could be the case.

Recently, star Gina Rodriguez was speaking out at an event (see the Twitter video below) when she said the words “final season” in relation to what is coming up next year. She realized soon after this that this many not have been something she should have said — but at that point it was absolutely too late and the news was already out there.

There are a few different things worth noting here at present on this subject, starting of course with the fact that Jane the Virgin has not been officially renewed for a season 5 just yet. Will it likely happen? Sure, but we’re not quite there at the moment. The ratings are not fantastic for the series, but they’ve never been fantastic. The appeal of Jane the Virgin mostly just stems from the show’s devoted following, which has shown time and time again at this point that they are going to keep watching and supporting the series. The awards recognition and critical reception also helps, since the Golden Globes love Rodriguez received early on in the show’s run got The CW some attention that they have never really had before as a network.

What will be somewhat interesting is that Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, if renewed, is also going to end next season — that means that following the 2018-19 season the network could be without its two most-prominent comedy series. That could prove troublesome for them in their quest to find some more critically-acclaimed work. It also means that the network will need to search high and low in order to uncover some more great programming from CBS TV Studios — typically The CW’s programming is split between this studio and Warner Bros. TV, but at the moment the latter is dominating their schedule and has more of the larger hits.

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