Last Week Tonight with John Oliver: On Bitcoin, International Women’s Day

Last Week TonightThis week’s edition of Last Week Tonight with John Oliver kicked off by doing much of what it does best: Biting satire and calling people out from every single side of the spectrum.

Take, for example, the hypocrisy of some companies and shows on International Women’s Day, whether it be CBS or, most notably, Mike Jerrick of Fox Philadelphia, a man who basically chose to be as backwards and repulsive as possible in the midst of a time that is supposed to be all about celebrating women. What was great about this specific segment was that Oliver really focused on the issue in a way that most other networks have been scared to, especially those out there who are disinterested in acknowledging some of their own misgivings here and there.

Of course, it couldn’t be an edition of Last Week Tonight with there being some sort of political moment during this segment — and we got that courtesy of Oliver taking on an especially creepy video message from Vladimir Putin.

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As for the main story at the heart of this episode, we bring you some of the latest conversation when it comes to Bitcoin. Bitcoin of course has taken much of the world by storm, but there are still a number of people out there who don’t quite understand crypto-currency, what it is, and precisely how to make money off of it.

The part of this segment that we personally found the most surprising was learning a little bit more about some of the other currencies that are out there beyond Bitcoin and how people are flocking towards them. As Oliver said, this currency market is a “wild west” — they are all still so new, and as a result of that there are only a select few who really understand how it works. There are in turn a number of people pouring money into something that may disappear a la Google Glass.

We’ll admit that we still don’t not entirely understand every facet of crypto-currency at all, but at the same time, we’re not altogether sure that this was the point. Instead, Oliver’s main segment tonight was a little more about this strange world and some of the people who live in it and are convinced that they are making the world a better place. It was funny, but some of the humor came from surprising sources.

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