Blue Bloods season 8 episode 16 video: A scene about failure

Blue Bloods season 8

Even though Friday night’s new episode is Blue Bloods is the sixteenth episode of the eighth scene, there are still new things we learn about the Reagan family. To be specifically, they’re still keeping up a longstanding tradition at family dinner in making people discuss some of their failures.

Within this particular sneak peek the focus is on Jack, though it’s also pretty darn clear in the process of this that Jack really doesn’t want to be doing it. He doesn’t see the value in telling everyone how he screwed up and we get that. Opening up about your life isn’t always the easiest thing, especially when it is something like what Jack is going through when it comes to matters of the heart. It’s often uncool at his age to start to talk a little bit about this sort of stuff with your family.

Given that this is apparently something that the entire Reagan family does every week, we’re actually starting to wonder as to just how long some of these family dinners really go — three hours? We’ve learned over the years that they also spend some of these scenes discussing everything from cases to food to social issues. They’re pretty in-depth conversations! (After doing this show, we feel like the entire cast has mastered the art of pretending to eat / eating very small pieces of food to not stuff themselves given how long these take to film.)

As for what else is coming on Friday’s Blue Bloods episode, be prepared to see a case for Danny that is very complicated since it revolves around someone trying to live out a double life. You would assume that sooner or later, they would get found out on that … and that seems to be the case in this episode. Also, be prepared for some tension between Erin and Anthony over a case that could land one of his longtime contacts in hot water.

There will be a full review of Blue Bloods season 8 episode 16 up later tonight — for now, share some of your expectations in the comments.

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