Gotham season 4 episode 13 review: Did the Penguin get his mojo back?

Gotham season 4 returnGotham season 4 episode 13 ventured into some very different reaches of the city, and with that also took some major steps forward in the series’ mythology. Take, for example, Bruce getting put on an accelerated / bizarre fever dream that seemed to start with Ivy Pepper and ended with some bizarre Ra’s al Ghul inspired sequences that led to him having visions of bats.

Elsewhere, some of this evolution ultimately presented itself in the form of Ivy Pepper becoming SO much more like Poison Ivy — all of a sudden, Selina Kyle started to realize that this was not the old version of her friend at all. She was a murderer, and over the course of this episode she used everything that she did to take some of Wayne Enterprises’ signature research. This included threatening everyone from Bruce to Lucius Fox along the way.

The quest to stopping Ivy is not going to end tonight. Instead, all Bruce realized is that he needs Alfred back, and while there’s something very interesting when it comes to his future, he’s also nervous about it. Eventually, Jim Gordon was able to also resume his search for Ivy after most of the GCPD came to. (Earlier in the episode, she had hypnotized most of them.)

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Here’s the most-unfortunate cliffhanger at the moment when it comes to Gordon — she has orchestrated a meeting with Lee Thompkins, which is certainly another interesting way in which she can hurt Jim.

We have to talk about Oswald

At the start of the episode, the Penguin was broken and bruised within Arkham; yet, almost as though he is some sort of psychotic inspirational figure, Oswald actually managed to fight back and get some of his killer spirit once more. These two may now have an opportunity to develop a friendship, which is certainly rather interesting given that Jerome doesn’t seem like the sort of guy who’s altogether interested in friendship.

By the end of the episode, Oswald was able to suss out that Jerome has a larger plan for the city — and Oswald is apparently going to be a part of it now that he’s brought him back more or less to his former self.

CarterMatt Verdict

As entertaining as this episode was, at the same time it still feels more like a building block to something more … especially with Oswald and Jerome, who just seem to be really kicking off whatever their partnership will be. This episode created about as many exciting cliffhangers in a short period of time as we could have possibly hoped.

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