The Big Bang Theory season 11 episode 18 review: Everyone meets Bill Gates… except Sheldon

bill gates big bang theoryNow that Sheldon and Amy have a wedding date on The Big Bang Theory things are starting to move along at a rather nice speed towards the actual wedding. They only have two months before the wedding and there is still a lot for them to get together, but having a date is a good way to light a fire under them and get it all done. Tonight though the wedding planning is on hold as other things are taking priority.

Penny has big news and it has to do with Bill Gates! He’s coming to her work take a tour and after spending so many years with the guys she’s probably a little more excited for this then she may have been if this was 11 years ago. There was a nice nod from the producers to mention tonight that Penny has known the guys 11 years and this is the 11th season of the show. Penny is really nervous about this meeting with Gates because she’s hoping to turn this opportunity into a promotion into the PR department and the added pressure from Leonard to meet him isn’t helping. Gates is an idol of his and all the guys want a chance to meet him, but with this being Penny’s job, she doesn’t want to do anything to jeopardize it.

After seeing where Gates is staying on Penny’s phone, Leonard, Raj and Howard decide to head to his hotel in hopes of running into him. Not really the most respectful thing Leonard has ever done, but he’s desperate and seems to be hoping that asking for forgiveness later will be enough if he can get a moment with his idol. When he gets there, he starts to feel really guilty about going behind Penny’s back (as he should!) and is ready to leave – that is until Bill Gates shows up! Then the waterworks come out as Leonard blubbers all over him trying to express his admiration for him.

When Leonard comes home from his secret Bill Gates meeting, Penny has some fun news for him. Leonard is going to have a chance to meet Gates at a party as Penny’s plus one. This is quite the mess that Leonard is in since he hasn’t told her the truth, and instead of coming clean, he decides to pretend that he’s sick when the event comes up so he never has to say anything. Is he really going to get away with this? Penny feels so bad that he doesn’t have a chance to meet him that she face times with Leonard and Gates which of course exposes what he’s done.

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CarterMatt verdict

We need to give a shout out to Raj for giving us the laugh of a life time with his John Williams “I always score” joke. We won’t completely ruin it for you here, but we may be re-watching that part another 20 or so times later tonight. This was a really fun episode that reminded us a lot of some of the adventures the guys used to have chasing down their love of all things geeky.

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