International Women’s Day: See the women past and present who inspire us

Kate Beckett - International Women's DayIt’s a special day today because it’s International Women’s Day and today we are honoring the powerful women who we look up to. When I first thought about who inspires me in the world of television I couldn’t just think of one. Instead, my mind drifted to a few who have inspired me both in the past and present. The first two are no longer on our television screens but their presence still is with us today. The ones that follow us are kicking butt on television and giving women a great name.

Captain Kate Beckett – Even though ABC’s Castle has been off the air for a few years now, I still look to her for inspiration and confidence. Her attitude toward life and her dedication to always fighting for justice and the right decision still help me today. I learned to not be afraid of who I am, I learned what love is, and I learned a woman can be a badass leader. Kate Beckett embodies everything I inspire to be and for that she will always have a special place in my heart. She progressed from the no-nonsense cop trying to find justice for her mother to the relax but still strict NYPD captain that wouldn’t let anyone tell her she has done a poor job. She gave her life to the victims and for that we can learn so much from her. Most of the time, I am left in awe of her and whenever I need a boost I’ll pick out a Castle episode and watch Kate Beckett do her thing.

Commander Sharon Raydor – She went from the women who were suppose to hate to the women we uglier cried over when she died. in TNT’s Major Crimeswe learned that she had a tough first marriage that revolved around an alcoholic and gambling-addict husband who left her and their two kids. She fought that and raised two kids who are amazing. She taught not only me, but everyone women out there that we can pick up the pieces and live an amazing life. She started out in a job that was not liked by her colleagues and made her an enemy to them. From this we learned it doesn’t matter what other think. We need to do what’s right and do it correctly. When she was given control of Major Crimes, despite being disliked, she taught us to never give up and that we can overcome anything. Sharon won all over and she didn’t do anything but be herself. She taught us empathy and kindness when she took a complete stranger in and loved him like him like her biological children. She, like Kate Beckett, taught us how to love another human being. Her final act taught us service. When she died she died fighting for the truth and justice and in during service of the victim and for that, we will always remember and honor this powerful woman.

Secretary of State Elizabeth McCord – What can’t we learn from Elizabeth of CBS’s Madam Secretary? This woman teaches to be strong and to always fight for the right and logical decision. Elizabeth isn’t your normal politician because she truly cares about the people she represents and understands people. She never thinks of her political career, but instead cares that the American have at least someone in office who hears them. And for that she’s a popular woman. She teaches us to never compromise our beliefs and values for the sake a maintaining a certain image. She shows that by doing what’s right, the image we present to the world is better than one crafted in Washington DC. She’s a leader and whether or not she was born one, doesn’t matter because she shows we can be leaders if we want to be.

Sergeant Jasmine “Jaz” Khan – A new face to our television screens and she has definitely made an impression on NBC’s The Brave. She’s the only woman in a male-dominated military group and she definitely doesn’t care. She stands her ground proved she is tougher than the men. When she captured and beaten she never gave in no matter how hard they beat her. She stood her ground and was strong and brave. Jay’s character is someone who can look up to and tear a page out of her book because her toughest and her mental capacity is one I aspire to have.

There are many more women who inspire us to be better versions of ourselves, but the ones mentioned here are the ones who stand out to me. They are the ones I think about all the time and during different situations will ask myself what they would do. We all make mistakes and these characters are no exception, but how they deal with it is what inspires us all. We salute these characters and brilliant actresses who play or played them. Thank you!

This story was written by Samantha D’Amico. If you want to follow her on Twitter, you can do so at SAM_iamXO. (Photo: ABC.)

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