Survivor: Ghost Island episode 4 preview: Immunity idol paranoia

Survivor: Ghost IslandWhen Survivor: Ghost Island episode 4 airs on CBS, we’ll get a chance to see even more reverberations of some of the decisions made in the aftermath of the Tribe Swap.

At this particular point in the game, we could actually be seeing Hidden Immunity Idols play a bigger role than ever. Domenick has one, even though the only one he’s bandied about to this point in the game may actually be a fake. He may be adjusting that strategy to a certain extent now in order to make a little bit of progress and forge some bonds. Domenick is getting better at this game with each passing day, and he’s also got a Legacy Advantage now to go along with his idol.

Meanwhile, on the new Malolo tribe you are going to see Michael do what he can in order to use his idol to make a move. We understand that given the fact that he is outside of the numbers, but he does have to be careful here. If the original Naviti tribe members start to realize that he is the one bandying about that sort of power, they may try to find a way to get him out sooner rather than later.

To date, it’s pretty easy to like this season! You’ve got a lot of people who know and understand the game, and we mean that as a good thing. Sometimes Survivor fans can get a little too meta out there but we’re enjoying some of the enthusiasm and the willingness to move and shift around depending on the circumstances that they are being presented with. So far, this seems to be a pretty strategy-heavy season and that’s fun, as is the fact that most people don’t seem to be taking the game altogether personally.

What do you want to see come Survivor: Ghost Island episode 4? Share some of your thoughts/hopes now in the attached comments! Tomorrow, we will be back with a new interview with Morgan.

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