More Than Just Two Geeks Chapter 1, Part 2 released: The start of a reality TV show

More Than Just Two GeeksFor everyone out there who wants to continue the journey of reality TV through the More Than Just Two Geeks audiobook, great news: The second and final part of Chapter 1 is now released!

In this section of the audiobook (which you can listen to below), Matt Carter and Jason Prager break down some of the events that took place within Beauty and the Geek season 5 episode 1, including what it was like being around cameras for the first time, getting to know fellow cast members, and seeing a reality TV production at work in an interesting way. There are funny stories all around in here, but the end of the chapter is all about a rather strange feeling: Saying goodbye to someone you only knew for a few days. It’s something that you wouldn’t care about at all in any other context, but here, you don’t know if you will ever see that person again!

More Than Just Two Geeks is meant to be a fun, reflective journey through a particular time in reality TV history, a time before Twitter was rampant, Myspace reigned supreme, and picking up the phone and talking was far more common than sending texts. Yet, in spite all of the changes over the past ten years, reality TV production really is not altogether different. Many of the same practices used then are still used now, and the fundamental premise of these shows are the same: Cutting you off from the outside world and having you engage in a bizarre social experiment unlike any you would ever participate in otherwise.

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To make it easier for you to find Chapter 1 Part 1, we’re also including that within this article (see below Part 2) — that way you can listen to Chapter 1 in its entirety all at once!

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