Ink Master season 10 episode 10 preview: Can Team DJ be stopped?

Lil' DInk Master season 10 episode 10 is coming on the Paramount Network next week, and this could be one of the first episodes in a while that puts Team DJ Tambe to the test.

The past few weeks, we’ve learned that when other teams target them, it really only seems to make them stronger. There is something motivating about knowing the world is against you. With that in mind, Josh Payne, Deanna Smith, and Frank ready have been able to focus on their challenges and meet them head-on. You can debate as to whether or not either of the other teams are being complacent intentionally. Yet, at the same time they are struggling. Even though a member of Team Steve in Roly won the flash challenge, that didn’t help anyone win Tattoo of the Day. As a matter of fact, Jeremy was in the bottom and almost went home!

If there is a weakness in DJ’s team, it is when the three artists are forced to work together. Josh is such a wrecking ball that he often doesn’t know how to listen to advice. This is what got his team into trouble the last time that there was a team tattooing challenge. He shouldn’t have been in the face-off because of it, but it was what it was.

Is Josh the best artist this season? So far, absolutely, but moving into episode 10 there is a certain amount of danger he could be facing for a few different reasons … with the biggest one being that it only takes one bad tattoo to go home. If someone finds a way to throw him off just once, that could be enough to send him one. Team challenges seem to be what throw him off, so add that to something like a rough canvas or having to match styles with someone else and there could be trouble.

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