NCIS season 15 episode 17 review: Have we met Abby’s eventual replacement?

Pauley PerretteNCIS unpacked a lot on last week’s episode when it comes to Jack Sloane. For the first time we had a peek behind the curtain when it comes to the strong profiler and we saw a woman still battling PTSD from a very difficult time in her life. We also learned what was in her tin case, three patches that looked like they said “wingo” on them, and after hearing her sobbing into Vance’s arms about people she couldn’t save, we feel like this might be connected.

American Pickers

Tonight though NCIS is going to be bringing on another great guest star in American Picker’s star Mike Wolfe. While Ducky is at home watching American Pickers he notices a ceremonial vikings club being featured on the show and calls Gibbs right away to see if he’s also watching. Gibbs says that he never misses a show (which is a very nice plug for American Pickers and we hope to see them get a spike in their ratings after this episode) and that he’s noticed the same thing… that this club might actually be the missing weapon to an unsolved crime.

The unsolved case from 16 years ago involved a man that was hit with a club and they found a spike in his head – much like the one from the vikings club. We had a really fun scene with Mike Wolfe as he talked about the item and then had a very endearing goodbye to his ceremonial vikings club where he asked it to not be the murder weapon so it could come back home to him.

The trouble with Abby

Ducky has brought in his graduate student Kasie (played by Diona Reasonover) to help keep Ducky on pace for his book and with working on all of his notes she’s grown great affection for everyone on the team, except Abby for some reason. Kasie is very stand-offish with her and we are very curious to know what Ducky wrote to make Kasie react that way. Ducky has asked if Kasie can stay with Abby to which Kasie tries to get out of and Abby insists. We were hoping that more would come out about whatever Kasie’s issue is, but when they get to Abby’s place Kasie goes to the guest room, shuts the door and they don’t talk all night. What is going on here? Jimmy thinks maybe that she’s intimidated by Abby, to which Abby feels that she’s got some work to do to win her over. Turns out that Jimmy is right and Kasie thinks of Abby as one of the Beatles of forensic science and after her confession they are on much better terms.

One of the things we are kind of wondering now that we’ve seen Kasie on the show (and we are nearing the end of the season where Abby will be written out of the show), if maybe Kasie is going to be Abby’s replacement when the time comes? We learn that Kasie’s degree is in forensic science and after watching Abbey and Kasie working the lab together we are really starting to feel like Kasie could be the person that will take over the lab when Abby leaves the show.

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CarterMatt Verdict

We’ve said it once, and we will say it again – NCIS has brought their “A” game when it comes to guest stars this season. They have easily had some of the best of the best this season, helping to make this one of the best seasons of NCIS we’ve seen in years. We aren’t saying that our main cast can’t hold the show, because that’s not the case at all, but the guest stars are helping a lot of the stories of the week stand out in a way that a lot of other shows have been struggling with.

Also we can’t end this review without talking about that moment between Gibbs and Sloane at his house. When he was sharing some of his memories with her, there was a moment between them where we actually thought a kiss might be coming. Gibbs chickened out and broke it the moment by claiming that their steaks were burning, but we saw it – there’s chemistry and this is building. Stop fighting it Gibbs!

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