Why The Flash season 4 episode 15 looks to be something special

Jesse Quick returningThe Flash season 4 episode 15 carries with it the title of “Enter Flashtime” … and also a lot of hope that this could end up being one of the most interesting episodes of the entire season so far.

For starters, there’s the crazy notion of just how fast some of the characters are going to move proportionally to their surrounding reality. Basically, almost all of this episode is going to be taking place within the shortest amount of time in the history of this show — or potentially any other show in recent memory, for that matter. In order to stop a bomb, Barry and some speedster friends are going to be entering Flashtime, which is going to be effectively moving so fast that the rest of the surrounding world appears as though it’s standing still. We’ve seen this before on the show during the trial of Barry Allen, but for the sake of this episode it is so much more … elongated. See what we did there?

Anyhow, in setting up the premise and the actual “length” of the story in “Enter Flashtime,” Violett Beane (who plays one of Barry’s speedster friends in this episode in Jesse Quick) had the following to say to TVLine:

“…Basically the whole episode is in Flashtime. It’s Barry and Jesse and eventually Jay [Garrick, played by John Wesley Shipp] trying to figure out how to stop this bomb. We think through a few different ways, and while this all happens over the course of a whole episode, it really transpires over 10 seconds in real time, maybe? It’s cool.”

In the time that it takes most people out there to pour a cup of coffee and put the pot back, the entirety of the Flashtime part of the episode will have taken place. That is absolutely bonkers, but at the same time also kind of fun. It’s a big part of what makes this episode different and why we admire The Flash for taking risks. It’s also a smart way to use some of these speedsters in general given that with all three as a part of the show, the easy assumption to make here would be that they would all be so over-powered they could keep just about anything terrible from actually happening. That’s not actually the case. There’s still plenty of drama and danger within this episode and that is without actually knowing just how Clifford DeVoe ends up factoring into the story.

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