Is Dexter season 9 happening on Showtime? Discussing latest rumor

Dexter season 9

Out of no where, the past 24 hours have led to a spike in rumors surrounding whether or not a Dexter season 9 could be happening on Showtime. Why? It seems to be in part because of a poster for “season 9” that popped up on social media.

As of right now the poster below is every where on social media and making some fans out there question whether or not we’re getting more Dexter — yet, if you actually look at the date on the post below, it’s from May of last year. Since that time, Michael C. Hall and Showtime itself have both said that while there is still a chance for more Dexter down the road, they are not at the point in which there are any serious conversations happening (let alone filming). This is something that CarterMatt discussed in even more detail in our latest edition of our TV Revivals article series this past February.

To go along with that, there are some other things to consider when choosing whether or not to buy into this poster as some kind of confirmation that Dexter season 9 is happening:

-Michael C. Hall has other projects in the works; while they would not presumably cause problems with a production this year (like his new show Safe that’s already in post production according to IMDB), that would still be a lot on his plate and if Hall’s past work is any indicator, he’s a man that rarely takes on many projects at once.

-In order for a revival to come in September as the poster suggests, there would need to be a writers room currently open. For the time being, there isn’t one. Add to that this would be REALLY early for artwork to come out for a show that’s not airing for 7 months.

-The poster suggests that this is coming to both Netflix and Showtime. Netflix is a streaming partner, but not the actual broadcaster. They wouldn’t be included on the poster.

-The poster also features Yvonne Strahovski (Hannah), who is currently a major part of another series in The Handmaid’s Tale. It’s not exactly easy to be a regular on two different shows, and this poster suggests that she would be in the event the series came back. (Also, the mark on Hannah’s face is basically a copy of some other Dexter promo art — see below.

What's next? -

-Filming would have to be underway at around this point to meet that premiere date and there hasn’t been even the smallest of whispers that something like this is going on. In this day an age of social media where people follow shows like Game of Thrones all over the world to snag set photos, would we not have seen something pop up before artwork?

Do we think that there will be more Dexter down the road? Probably, given that there are so many shows being revived at this point and the original series finale left such a bad taste in many longtime fans’ mouths. We still want to see another season with Clyde Phillips back in charge as showrunner and one that touches back more to the series’ roots. We still don’t know how in the world the show really would make this work, given the fact that Deb (Jennifer Carpenter) is now dead and she was a huge part of what made the original work (maybe she could come back in the role of his conscious like Harry was); nonetheless, someone will probably give it a try when the story is right.

For now, you can enjoy Hall on The Crown season 2. Rest assured that if Dexter does come back, it’s not going to be announced in some sort of poster released online and circulated through social media. There will be a bigger, grander announcement about it. If there is going to be more Dexter, there is nothing floating around social media at the moment that makes us believe in it. Wait for network confirmation, but for now this is nothing more than rumors and speculation.

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