Strike: Career of Evil episode 2 review: Did Strike stop a wedding

Strike: Career of Evil episode 2Strike: Career of Evil episode 2 served as an opportunity to get answers and to save lives. The more that you watched this installment, the clearer it probably became as to why the network went with this title. This was an episode about conquering darkness and seeing if there was hope for characters on the other side of the despair.

For Cormoran Strike, the subject at hand was fairly clear: Trying to see if there was a way in which he could resolve the grisly matter at hand, one that was tied to his past in rather unexpected ways. The good news within the episode is that Strike did get justice against the terrible man and abuser of women. He managed to get him in prison, and even on the other side of that he would be on the sex offender registry. This was not a conclusive way in which to resolve matters by any means, but we do consider this overall to be a step in the right direction for Strike trying to right some wrongs. He was also, thankfully, able to clear his own name in the process. Strike is imperfect, but he certainly is quite good at his job.

As for Robin, this story for her was about withstanding her problems at home, while at the same time trying to define how to be the best source of help that she possibly could for those close to him. She decided that she wanted to marry Matthew despite the infidelity in the past. With that, she prepared for the wedding.

The episode concluded tonight with a moment that felt somewhat like a romantic comedy, with Strike trying to rush to the ceremony in time. He could have went in and objected — instead, he just knocked a plant over. Robin got married, and now we’re left to wonder if these two are ever going to get together like we want them to. Can’t we have nice things?! After Call the Midwife tonight we feel like our heart needed this.


Strike: Career of Evil is probably the strongest overall edition of the series to date. While two episodes was far too short for the story that was being told (there needed to be more time to dive into this case and some of the characters), this was still nonetheless a pretty powerful, strong entry for BBC one.

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