Ink Master interview: Mike Diaz on elimination, tattooing Anthony Michaels

Mike DiazMike Diaz is one of those Ink Master contestants who seems to have gone home well before his time. He’s a great artist and showed that multiple times in the competition, but unfortunately just had a bad day on Tuesday night as he struggled with being away from his family. He was sent home after a pretty good run with Anthony Michaels, one that actually including him having to tattoo Anthony at one point after his original human canvas bailed on him.

So what was that experience like, and what does Mike think about his elimination after the fact? Take a look below in the latest Ink Master exit interview.

CarterMatt – Did you have any feeling going into this season that it would be so hard being away from your family?

Mike Diaz – I actually thought I went prepared to be away from them. We discussed it and knew what it was gonna take, just didn’t know we were gonna collapse without each other lol.

Was there any point while you were working on your tattoo that you thought you would be in trouble?

Oh yeah! I knew I was in trouble when he came back from break and he was red! And he said it was normal and it’d go away in 2 days.

Were you ultimately surprised you were sent home over Daniel?

I knew my red skin affected my tattoo but I didn’t do damage like Daniel did. I think if you damage the skin you should be the worst cause when it comes to longevity it’s not going to heal like it should.

Why do you think that Team Anthony to date has lost fewer artists than either other team?

Because we are an actual team, we never turned on each other and encouraged each other as a group and not individuals.

I still feel like Anthony letting you tattoo him says a lot about who he was as a coach. Were you nervous about him not wanting to do it?

It does say a lot but that was actually the most comfortable tattoo I did on the show lol, like tattooing an old friend.

Is there any tattoo style that you wish that you had gotten a chance to do but didn’t?

[Definitely] portrait work. I was waiting for that one to pop up.

Finally, would you come back for another season if asked?

I would, but I know it would be different because I’ve been in the course already when it comes to cameras to tattoos to drama.

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