Hawaii Five-0 season 8 episode 16 review: Tani and Junior, undercover parents

Hawaii Five-0 season 8 episode 16Tonight on Hawaii Five-0 season 8 episode 16, we learned that private schools can be at times pyramid schemes. Junior and Tani went undercover as parents looking to bring their kid to said private school, mostly in order to figure out what happened to its Headmaster Waller. He was missing and going undercover was the best way to get more information on what happened.

What did Tani and Junior learn? Basically, they followed some breadcrumbs (while having fun in the process) before eventually Five-0 realized the truth: Waller, unfortunately, was not missing at all. He was dead. He was found within a slab of concrete and as a result of that, there were some new angles that needed to be explored.

The case of course had to do with money, and to go along with it a deal gone terribly awry with people who were in over their heads. Five-0 somehow managed to save the day, but it took a violent stand-off in order to make sure that it happened.

Here was the twist: The man who declared himself responsible for what happened actually didn’t murder anyone. Instead, it was his wife and he decided to take the fall for what happened.

The state of the restaurant

Unfortunately for Steve and Danny, the quest to get the Italian joint off the ground met a few rough turns once they realized that they had dropped the ball on a few parts of the operation. To be specific, they don’t have their stuff together when it comes to their liquor license. Steve thought that a month in advance was early enough to submit it, but not so much. As a result of that, they were left having to get Uncle Vito make some bribes in order to ensure that they actually got what they wanted in the end.

Did that work? Well, not exactly. Instead, Vito got arrested for trying to bribe a public official and things went from bad to worse when Danny learned that the workers Vito hired did nothing other than trash the place.

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Here’s where things with Vito actually impact the story of the season. As it turns out, Vito actually knew the guy who shot Danny! Back in Jersey he mentioned Danny to the guy and that he was out in Hawaii. They still don’t know precisely who he is, but now Danny knows why he was out there.

Adam’s latest mission

Adam found himself captured for basically all of the episode and over the course of it, he basically was in survival mode as he did just about everything that he could in order to make it through. He did that, and through it all he had to deal with Jessie being almost too good at being a double agent for organized crime.

Adam wants to keep going, and with that he will have that opportunity — he still thinks that something is awry when it comes to the information Michelle had. When his attempt to hand over the $20 million from his father didn’t work out, he found out that he was still on the hook in the closing minutes.

CarterMatt Verdict

Hawaii Five-0 season 8 episode 16 was intense and chock full of some different surprises. There was some drama, some comedy, and above all key information that should inform Danny’s story moving forward.

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