MacGyver season 2 episode 16 review: The honeymooners

MacGyver season 2 episode 16Going into MacGyver season 2 episode 16 we had every reason in the world to think that this episode was going to be fun. After all, the base premise at the heart of this hour was getting a chance to see MacGyver, Leanna, Bozer, and Riley undercover as newlyweds who were tasked with extracting key information from the son of a dangerous war criminal named Omar.

The funny moments from the very start of this episode were priceless, whether it be Bozer getting somewhat jealous about Leanna and Mac being paired off to us seeing pretty much all of the characters hung over. As it turned out, they only had two days to befriend the target and get the information that he had — which sent many of their plans into overdrive. That evolved again when he started to see them as potential people he couldn’t trust. It took Leanna giving him a heavy dose of modified truth serum in scent form during a massage to learn the truth: Omar wasn’t an innocent bystander at all. As a matter of fact, he was one of the ringleaders of the whole operation.

This silly, humorous story definitely turned serious at around this time, as Omar’s father turned up and soon after that, Leanna and Bozer found themselves being tortured as a means of getting information. Meanwhile, Mac and Riley had to formulate an escape plan on the other side. That involved Mac telling Omar that he kidnapped his wife, and would trade her back in order to ensure that Leanna and Bozer were safe. One other twist? Omar had to give up his father.

The team, in the end, was successful in the mission — and, beyond that, Bozer learned that Matty knew from the start about his romance with Leanna. Did he really think that she would figure it out?

Jack tries to infiltrate Matty’s safe

Jack and Jill did not go up a hill in the episode (aren’t puns fun?); instead, Jack tried to use the Phoenix Foundation tech alongside Elwood to bust into Matty’s safe without her realizing it. Suffice it to say, that’s not an easy or recommended thing to do.

In the end he was successful in his plot, but there are still some mysteries out there — but for now, there is confirmation that Matty knew Mac’s father. That was revealed in the documents that were hidden in the safe. Now, Mac just has to figure out what her endgame is.

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CarterMatt Verdict

One of the things that we were somewhat surprised about was that there wasn’t much attention leading up to the episode about model / former Dancing with the Stars contestant Charlotte McKinney being in the episode as the criminal’s wife. It wasn’t the largest role, but she added a little bit of fun to the overall story.

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