The Blacklist season 5 episode 15 review: Did Liz and Singleton learn Tom’s killer?

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Things are starting to move along in Liz’s hunt for Tom’s killer on The Blacklist season 5. She is close to being re-instated with the FBI and she has seemingly convinced Singleton to work with her and the task force to find Tom’s killer…. and he might have an idea on how to do that!

Aram in the field

Tonight is going to be focusing on one of our favorite characters – Aram. Just before Liz went into a coma, he had decided that he wanted to be trained to be a field agent so that he would never feel helpless again if he was in a situation where he was needed back in the field. (if you missed our recent interview with Amir Arison you can check that out here.). This was the first episode where we saw him out in the field dealing with the case of the week and it was great seeing him in the field.

Before he went into this particularly dangerous situation, we had a really nice moment with Samar and Aram which was a sweet reminder of how well they are still doing in their relationship. When he gets into the situation he starts panicking a bit, and Samar tries to talk him down, but he’s able to find what he needs for the case and gets out. We like that Samar tried to help center him, but what we really liked was that he got out of it on his own.

Liz builds trust with Singleton

Liz is still working with Singleton (while she is on restrictive duty) who seems to be all in now, even with a midnight visit from Reddington threatening to keep his involvement a secret and inquiring about the type of mattress he sleeps on (Reddington is always the inquisitive one). Liz and Singleton come up with a plan to sniff out Tom’s killer, but Reddington is still trying to prepare her for the reality of the situation. A cop is never going to pay for their crimes and that for Liz to get real justice, it’s going to end on the streets – his way. At this point Liz just wants to know who this is and we know that if what Reddington says turns out to be true, she has no problem dispensing treatment his way.

Singleton plants the seeds to Garvey of where a meet up with Navarro is happening, in hopes that whoever the killer is will show up there to “deal with Navarro” and expose himself. As a surprise to no one, Garvey never showed up, just some hired muscle, but he did call in to someone and they do a trace on that number finding out that it’s in the address for the unit Singleton is a part of. He asks Liz to call the phone number and she does letting him learn that Garvey is behind it all. Before Singleton can do anything, Garvey tells him that his daughter’s are going to be killed if he talks.

So what happened with Singleton? Did he keep the secret or is he swimming with the fishes? He’s definitely dead, stabbed multiple times and said to be a robbery, but while at Singleton’s crime scene, Garvey is also there and she recognizes Garvey’s voice. She now knows who Tom’s murderer is and the real question that remains is what is she going to do about it?

CarterMatt verdict

We’ve never been that crazy about crime shows that have stories of the week involving biological warfare or people being infected with viruses, but The Blacklist did a good job of putting an interesting spin on a played out story by putting this actual virus on the computer system of the CDC to get access to all viruses.

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