Survivor: Ghost Island episode 3 preview: A tribe swap already

Survivor: Ghost Island castWhat’s coming on Survivor: Ghost Island episode 3? Let’s start with the fact that for our sake, we’re considering tonight two separate episodes. That is just makes the most sense from our vantage point given that they were effectively two different installments of the game. We’ve lost both Gonzalez and also Jacob, which is a shame since they’re both dynamic personalities — perhaps even more so than other contestants who have gone this early.

What’s coming next is something that we have seen as of late on a few other seasons: A tribe swap taking place just two episodes into the game! This means that whatever alliances were there are now split all over the place, and we absolutely do wonder if there are any regrets in terms of getting rid of Jacob. He’s someone who could’ve been used as a number — or, at the very least, someone that other players could hide behind for a little while in order to stay safe. Isn’t that valuable to some extent?

In terms of the game itself, it does feel like this is going to be a season where Ghost Island is leaned into hard and while we do think that this twist is a bit of a gamble creativity (newcomers to the franchise could care less about Andrea’s hidden immunity idol), we do think that there are a lot of fun players at the moment and potential for some big blindsides. Having a lot of super-fans effectively means that there are some opportunities to see people play hard and be proactive — this isn’t going to be one of those seasons where everyone is thinking in terms of morality and trying to make sure they carry the right image for viewers at home.

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