Survivor: Ghost Island prediction: Who will win season 36?

Survivor: Ghost Island predictionDid you really think that we would allow Survivor: Ghost Island to premiere without giving out a winner prediction? We admit that we’re a little more under the gun than usual this time — after all, what makes this season a little more interesting than some others is that it really does feel as though there are a dozen or so people who could actually win this game. Typically going into a season you’ve got around seven or eight who you consider to be serious threats and then a bunch of redshirts you’ll forget about later.

There’s fewer redshirts this time! Ghost Island has a lot more superfans and also a lot of really athletic people who could do fairly well in challenges. It was a little bit harder to narrow down the list. Nonetheless, we have singled out a person who we think has the total package in order to win this game.

That person is James Lim for a few different reasons. For one, he’s been tested before. Early on in his life he came to America by himself from South Korea, where he got one of the best educations out there. He’s been to Harvard so you know that the intelligence is there. Yet, he’s also not one of those Old Money Harvard types who was just groomed from birth to go to the school. He worked hard.

Also, James is athletic. The guy is a sprinter! He’ll be an asset in just about any challenge and the moment that he actually becomes a threat after the merge, he’ll be smart enough in order to figure out how to save himself with strategy and finding idols. He’s a little younger than most other Survivor winners, but this is an especially young season! We also think that there is a difference between maturity and age; we think that the former matters more than the latter. If you are able to contribute, work hard, and make social bonds, it really doesn’t matter who you are and where you come from. As long as James can put himself socially on the same level as most of his tribe-mates, we’ve got a good feeling that he can go really far. We’re not so much at the point in Survivor anymore where the winner is a wallflower or the #2 or #3 person in the alliance. You can be a frontrunner now if you know how to find idols and how to shift dynamics in your favor.

We’ll see if we’re wrong throughout the season — we probably are. While we did correctly name Adam Klein from the get-go our track record elsewhere isn’t quite so great.

Do you have a Survivor: Ghost Island premiere, and who do you think will becoming a ghost in the game soon? Share in the comments below!

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