The Good Doctor episode 15 review: Healing hearts and breaking hearts

The Good DoctorThe Good Doctor episode 15 was entitled “Heartfelt,” and it didn’t take too long over this episode to understand why. After all, this was an episode by and large about trying to find the emotion in the world — or, various characters trying to find a way to have a heart.

One of the major stories at the heart of the hour was seeing a young girl try to have a risky heart operation, one that would enable her to get close to people again. Another case involved a young boy in desperate need of a new liver — he found one in the form of a violent prisoner taking his own live in order to ensure that the young boy could have another chance at a life. Both of these patients ended up making it to the end of the episode in one piece — rare for a medical show, but also exciting.

As for some of the other stories that we got a chance to see in this episode, we were perhaps the most interested in seeing how Shaun put himself out there by donning his $2,000+ tuxedo and arriving for a fancy gala. He found himself working in tandem here with Morgan in order to ensure that they were able to make valuable inroads and connections. He felt like it was a challenge sent his way by her because she didn’t think that he could mingle effectively. To a certain extent he was right; after all, he didn’t know precisely what to say during any single moment of the event.

Shaun was still learning and there was no shame in that — he needs to understand that things take time. We would still have just as many problems as him if we were in that environment tonight. For Shaun, his victory came in being able to approach one table and introduce himself. That showed that he’s capable of finding a way to get better at the social parts of the job.

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Other odds and ends

There were a few other developments that took place in the episode — for starters, Jared started to think that Claire’s feelings for him were not the same as his feelings for her. He realized that tonight and in the middle of the party seemingly broke up with her. Pretty sudden — and couldn’t he have waited until the end of the night or something?

Meanwhile, Jessica’s still trying to figure out the right way to move forward — but it will take a little bit of time.

CarterMatt Verdict

the real shining star tonight was Will Yun Lee as Dr. Alex Park, the former cop / doctor who went to desperate lengths in order to ensure that the young boy received the liver. The entire episode as a whole, though, was funny, inspiring, and so much more — precisely what we love about this show.

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