Legends of Tomorrow season 3 episode 12: What’s next for Sara, Ava?

AvaLanceMrs. Carter: There’s no longer any reason to wonder as to whether or not Sara and Ava are going to get together on Legends of Tomorrow season 3…

On tonight’s episode, we finally saw these two characters come together after many weeks of will-they-or-won’t-they romance. Their first date out at a restaurant didn’t necessarily go as planned, but it also didn’t matter all that much given that the two parties kissed by the time we made it to the end of the episode. This is going to set the stage for some big things to come — and also some drama. They’ve made some movement in the right direction but it’s also pretty darn clear that the two also still have a little ways to go.

In teasing some of what is coming for the two parties now, show executive producer Phil Klemmer said the following to Entertainment Weekly:

“This quiet story line in which they interact as two women on a first date, getting to know one another in a tranquil setting, isn’t destined to last because we have a pair of bombshell episodes coming up that force Sara and Ava independently to consider whether they are worthy of love … We know a lot about Sara Lance’s dark and tragic past. It only seemed fair that we complicate things for her love interest Ava Sharpe — which is not to say that we’re looking to force the two of them apart. We’re just looking to complicate things. Because let’s be honest… how many four beat ‘date night’ stories can you have on a time-traveling superhero show?”

We certainly do hope that by the end of the season Sara and Ava are a little more stable, or at least in a position where they’re going to be as stable as a time-traveling couple can be. We know that they aren’t exactly a part of the same time — even if they do have the same goals, there are going to be conflicts that come out of that here and there. They’ve also both got really strong opinions and that, in turn, is probably only going to cause more drama.

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