Strike: Career of Evil episode 2 preview: The quick finale

Strike: Career of Evil episode 2Next week’s Strike: Career of Evil episode 2 is going to bring you — already — to the end of the road for the latest chapter of this Robert Galbraith adaptation. Some of these stories are fairly short and don’t often need a huge batch of episodes in order to lay out the full narrative. This is one of those occasions. You’re going to get a chance to learn about everything that you need to learn about within this episode — at least in terms of the central mystery and the personal lives of both Strike and Robin. The bad news for Robin is that it’s going to appear like her marriage is starting to fall apart.

Below, the Strike: Career of Evil episode 2 synopsis details some of what you can expect to see as this story goes along:

Strike visits several London strip clubs in order to find out more about one of the murder suspects, Niall Brockbank.

Robin’s relationship with Matthew has hit a low point and she questions her commitment to marriage. Her mother arrives in London to talk her round, convincing Robin to spend some time at home in Masham.

Strike begins to narrow his list of suspicions – but, according to an angry Wardle, his investigating is ‘meddling’ with police business.

The killer continues to taunt them, with Matthew finding a severed human thumb in the kettle. Robin returns to comfort Matthew and provides Strike with Brockbank’s address.

Without Strike’s knowledge Robin allies herself with Shanker, paying him to take her to Brockbank’s home to question his girlfriend Alyssa –  inadvertently putting herself in danger.

Isn’t that a great deal of information? It is, and yet there’s so much more that could be learned in the episode as the pieces start to fall into place.

The great thing about the Strike series

Although many of these mysteries are presented in a way where you get super-short miniseries out of them and nothing else, the good news is that this series can go on for however long the parties involved want for it to in theory. The source material can be ongoing and this is the perfect sort of series television programming. You want to have new mysteries and with the way in which the BBC is programming them, Strike is not at risk of over-exposure anytime soon. Right when you start to think you’re getting close to your fill, the series goes away — though, to be fair, this time it doesn’t feel like we’re getting anywhere close to our fill! There is so much more story that needs to be told.

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