Cameron Monaghan confirms Jerome’s Gotham season 4 return

Gotham season 4 returnWhen discussing Gotham season 4 as of late we’ve done our best to constantly make one thing clear when it comes to Jerome: He wouldn’t be in the March 1 episode. He wasn’t listed in the guest cast on the press release and while that seemed strange given the cliffhanger, we know that Gotham often does have a larger plan.

With this in mind, Cameron Monaghan has now confirmed that he will, in fact, be on hold until the second episode of the year airing on March 8. Take a look at what he wrote on the subject on Instagram:

“Less than a week until Gotham returns and less than two weeks until you get to see this guy in action. I’m excited for you all. The places this story goes by the season’s end is amazing. Some of the coolest, strangest stuff I’ve ever seen on television. Don’t miss the show’s returns March 1st on FOX!”

The return of Jerome is going to be especially fascinating thanks by and large to the relationship that you could see established between him and Oswald at Arkham. These are two of the most notorious villains in Batman lore coming together — when something like that happens, it’s understand for you-know-what to start to hit the fan. These are two crazy, hyper-intense characters with evil machinations. They’re either going to kill each other or find a way to work together.

Hopefully, the March 8 episode will not be the only one to feature Jerome this year but you don’t quite know with this series until you get a little bit further into the run.

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Elsewhere on the show at present, there are absolutely many other villains running amok. For example, you have the rise of Poison Ivy coming within the next several episodes of the series; throughout that, Sofia Falcone is also going to continue to do what she can to take power and ownership of almost the entire city. She found a way to completely overtake her father’s operation at the end of the first half of the season; she was underestimated far too long; now, she is actually in a position where she can seize a little bit of power.

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