This Is Us season 2 spoilers: Big Deja episode coming; what about a wedding?

Deja episodeThere are only three more episodes to go for This Is Us season 2, and with that in mind it feels pretty clear that there are many priorities that show boss Dan Fogelman has to check off. For starters, he has to find a way to establish a little bit of joy into the series after some tragedy. Following that, he also needs to figure out how to flip the script again and remind you that there are still some hard times.

Fogelman recently did an interview with Entertainment Weekly, and within that he said the following about the remaining three episodes of the season.

2×16 – This episode is going to be your chance to settle in more with a normal episode of This Is Us. At the center of this one is going to be the bachelorette / bachelor parties for Kate and Toby — back in the past, there may be an opportunity to explore a notable anniversary for Jack and Kate. (Jack’s not gone from the series forever!)

2×17 – Much like last year featured an episode that offered up a lot of insight on the Dr. K character, this episode will ofer up some more insight into Deja. She just returned to Randall’s home at the end of 2×15, so what does that mean for her future? Hopefully this episode offers up some more information.

2×18 – There is a big family event coming in this episode to better wrap up the story. Is this when the big wedding will happen? That’s the assumption that we want to make, but remember: That’s just an assumption. It’s possible that the series will find a few ways to surprise you still. We’re not putting it past the show to throw another epic curveball in your direction.

Loose ends

For starters, there’s the question of Jack’s military history. There has already been a teaser that some of that could be coming this season. Beyond that, there are also questions aplenty on the subject of the flashforwards and whether or not another one will be thrown into This Is Us after one in the Super Bowl episode.

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