The Resident character spotlight: What’s next for Dr. Devon Pravesh?

Devon PraveshUp next within this character spotlight series for The Resident is Dr. Devon Pravesh. The young, fresh out of medical school doctor who only wants to impress and be the best. We immediately got this impression of him when he walked into the hospital for the first time and went right up to Chief of Surgery Dr. Randolph Bell and introduced himself. Or, when he asked Dr. Lane Hunter if he could sit down and ask her questions about her research. We completely understand it. He wants to gain the attention of the right people and work his way up the ladder. However, this was interrupted when he met his resident, Dr, Conrad Hawkins. As we know, Conrad is unlike other residents and Devon quickly saw this, and despite not agreeing with Conrad’s way at first, he’s growing to appreciate it. So here’s what we like to see this season.

Begin to pick a side – As we mentioned, Devon is still new and wants to leave his mark, which leaves him blind to the political hierarchy around him. While Conrad sees Dr. Bell as a coward and a fake, Devon sees the man he wants to become. Or when Devon sees Dr. Hunter, he sees a woman who is treating cancer patients and is the best at it. However, Nurse Nic sees a woman who has some explaining to do. So as this season continues we want to be able to see what side Devon will be on. Will he believe Conrad and Nic and the dangerous flaws they see in his mentors, or will Devon open his eyes to see the reality around him? This what we can’t wait to see.

Connection with patients – We have seen in almost every episode that no matter who the patient is, Devon can make a connection with them. He has a way of making them feel calm and relaxed. Take Lily for example. Conrad was the only one Dr. Hunter trusted to take care of Lily when she came back to the ER, but after Devon took over when Conrad had an emergency, we saw that he made a connection with her. This was noticed by Dr. Hunter who was impressed by what she saw. So despite the overly confident attitude, we like this quality about Devon. It make more relatable and human.

Overall, we like this series and can’t wait until it returns on February 26 on Fox. For more news related to The Residentbe sure to visit this link.

This story was written by Samantha D’Amico. If you want to follow her on Twitter, you can do so at SAM_iamXO. (Photo: Fox.)

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