Legends of Tomorrow season 3 episode 12 photo: Are Sara, Ava on a date?

Ava - Sara dateMrs. Carter: Is AvaLance really starting to get somewhere on Legends of Tomorrow season 3? The latest photos certainly suggest so.

The image above is one of a couple notable shots for the upcoming episode next week entitled “The Curse of the Earth Totem,” and it absolutely seems as though Sara Lance is waiting for someone else to dine with her. After all, there’s another chair at the table! (Sidebar: Is that optimal seating so close to the kitchen? Looks like there’d be a lot of distracting noise.)

Based on some of the promotional material that is out there about this episode already (read more of that over at the link here), signs point towards Sara taking a little bit of time off from the Waverider in order to pursue some more personal pursuits. Doesn’t she deserve a little bit of time in order to get to know someone better? She’s already sneaking off to talk to Ava and it’s pretty clear that they have feelings for each other — even if neither one of them is really the type to admit it.

Also, there’s some pretty great (possible) evidence from a Legends of Tomorrow fan on Twitter, who managed to zoom in closely on one of the other promotional photos for the episode enough where it looks as though it is Ava in the reflection of a glass. Is this true, or is this akin to one of those Magic Eye puzzles where, if you look long enough, you can see almost anything under the sun? Both may be possible.

Ultimately, the biggest evidence of a Sara – Ava date taking place here may just be this: Why else would Sara be off-ship and at a romantic restaurant? It’s hard to really imagine it with any other character and part of the fun of the AvaLance storyline is getting to see Sara in situations that she’s not altogether used to. She’s obviously had relationships in the past, but none of them have really allowed her an opportunity to do anything that is remotely normal. Take her relationship with Nyssa that was formed during her time at the League of Assassins! Even thinking back to her relationship with Oliver Queen before the island, we wouldn’t exactly qualify that as normal, either.

(There is a certain degree of humor in calling a relationship normal between a previously-dead time-traveler and trained assassin and also a high-ranking member of a rule-centric organization whose goals start with preserving history.)

Do you want to see a Sara – Ava date within this Legends of Tomorrow episode?

Be sure to share your thoughts / hopes now in the comments! Once there’s some other information out there about this episode, we’ll be sure to let you know.

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