If The Amazing Race 31 had all Big Brother teams, what would it look like?

Amazing Race 31On Wednesday night The Amazing Race 30 finale is going to air over on CBS, and one of the four remaining teams at the moment is Big Brother’s own Jessica Graf and Cody Nickson. They’ve had a solid run this season, and while they’ve had some close calls they seem to be charting well now entering the final four.

Jessica and Cody are far from the first Big Brother team to make it onto the show — Jeff & Jordan and Brendon & Rachel are two recent examples, and in the early days Alison from Big Brother 4 was a part of a team. The inclusion of “Jody” has led in part to a ratings spike for the show this season — with that, why not speculate on the possibility of a season featuring all Big Brother players? What would that look like? We’ve come up with our own list of eleven teams with varying relationships, largely biased towards more recent seasons (CBS would be too) and inspired in part by a recent thread on Reddit. (The idea’s been rolling around in the noggin for years, but we lurk over there and it’d be wrong to not credit them for starting up a conversation on it this week.)

One thing that we’re trying to do is not re-use Big Brother teams who have already been on the race, hence no Brenchel, Jordeff, or Jody for another round.

Brittany Petros and Eddie McGee (season 1) – Gotta give season 1 some love, right? They’re good friends who were both incredibly likable on the inaugural version of the show, and they’d probably be both incredibly entertaining and incredibly competitive here. Eddie is incredibly athletic where as Brittany is very adventurous and up for anything. Also, it’s taking a page out of the reality TV history books.

Dr. Will Kirby and Mike Boogie (season 2, All-Stars, season 14) – If you have a list without Chilltown you’re doing it wrong. One of the most-famous alliances in reality TV history — you can debate as to whether or not they’d be as good at this game (they’d probably do a great job getting in other racers’ heads), but it’d be absolutely fun to watch them.

Dan Gheesling and Memphis Garrett (season 10) – The original Renegades is an alliance that has been somewhat overlooked over the years, which is somewhat of a shame given their complete gameplay dominance on the season. We also think Dan and Memphis have the perfect personality for this show — they’re competitive, but probably wouldn’t scream at each other too much.

Hayden Moss and Lane Elenburg (season 12) – For starters, this would be cool since it would mean that Hayden is the first CBS reality star to appear on all three shows. Also, if we’re honoring big alliances these two are probably the perfect representation for the Brigade. Hayden would probably prefer Lane to Enzo (though it would be fun to see the Meow Meow do most of the season in the penguin costume).

Rachel Reilly and Elissa Slater (season 12 & 13, season 15) – We’re breaking our rules slightly here, but not really since this isn’t Rachel with Brendon again. How do you do a Big Brother season of Amazing Race without Rachel? She’s too iconic for the franchise and she and Elissa stand a pretty good chance of going far.

Daniele Donato and Dominic Briones (season 13) – First of all, congrats on Dani and Dominic expecting a baby! You’d probably have to film this season after the baby is born if they were to appear, but we have to include them as one of our favorite Big Brother relationships (though they weren’t actually a romance on the show).

Nicole Franzel and Victor Arroyo (season 16, 18) – Like Dani and Dominic, they didn’t start dating until after the show and part of the fun here is getting to see what their actual dynamic is like as partners. Their commentary alone on the world would be worthy of some laughs.

Da’Vonne Rogers and Jason Roy (season 17, 18, and Over the Top) – We’re honestly surprised that they haven’t actually been on The Amazing Race already. These two are enormous personalities who were close friends on their season and also would be a source of one-liners galore.

Liz and Julia Nolan (season 17) – Out of the two sets of identical twins who have appeared on Big Brother over the years, we do think that they are the more dynamic pair who is well-suited to do the show. Consider them darkhorse candidates.

Morgan and Alex Willett (Over the Top) – Sure, maybe three sets of sisters is a lot for a single season but all three of them are compelling! While Liz and Julia come across as very similar (not just because of their appearance), Morgan and Alex entered Big Brother OTT talking about how different they were. We do actually think they bridged a lot of common ground on that season but it’d be rather fun to see them here.

Josh Martinez and Christmas Abbott (season 19) – There are a lot of candidates that you could actually put Josh with from last season, but we like the pairing of him with Christmas because they’re such polar opposites in so many ways; also, it’d be nice to see Christmas be able to do a physical show again after her injury last season.

What are some of your own favorite Big Brother – Amazing Race team ideas? Share in the comments!

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