Ink Master season 10 episode 8 preview: Deanna Smith becomes a target

Deanna SmithMoving into Ink Master season 10 episode 8, it does feel like most of the themes from the season to date are coming back into frame. To be more specific, CarterMatt is talking here about everyone trying to challenge Josh Payne and, by extension, most of Team DJ Tambe.

We do think that there is a clear reason for much of the other two teams to be doing this and it goes far beyond just Josh being a great artist. What tends to happen here is that if you’re super-aggressive in the competition people want to take you out. Josh welcomes that and some of his fellow team members are caught in the crossfire. Next week that could mean Deanna Smith, as well. It doesn’t seem as though anyone is explicitly targeting Deanna for her personality; it’s more for where she is and who she works with. She is a good artist and maybe there are some fears about competing against someone who is such a strong artist even though she’s still relatively new to the industry.

Will the other teams succeed in rattling Deanna? The preview suggests that having a target on her is getting to her to a certain degree, but she may be able to figure out a way to channel some of that into fuel to come out and destroy everyone in the weeks to come.

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Is Team Anthony starting to crumble?

There are certainly some signs that this group, despite relative stability, could be in danger. For starters, Daniel’s attitude in front of one of the human canvases lands him in trouble with his coach. Daniel’s a great artist, but seems to be constantly on the verge of imploding. For one reason or another he just can’t keep that ego in check.

Meanwhile, Mike Diaz seems to be struggling in his own right in the midst of a tattoo, really to the point where he needs some encouragement from Anthony to push him forward. We would’ve thought that after tattooing his own coach earlier this season, nothing would be as stressful as that. It turns out, though, that this isn’t exactly the case.

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