Legends of Tomorrow season 3 episode 11 review: A fantastic time-loop treasure

Legends of Tomorrow season 3 episode 11We’ve said this a few times over at this point, but Legends of Tomorrow season 3 is really firing on all cylinders. The latest episode on Monday night was yet another example of that. It was an experimental hour set, for the most part, in a time loop with Zari at the center of it. We got a more intimate look at the Waverider to go along with it — and that included many members of the team!

During this episode we uncovered many different things, whether it be Mick Rory writing a science fiction novel, that Nate and Amaya were still sleeping together, or that Sara was sneaking off to the dropship in order to give Ava a call. At one point, Zari decided that she got tired of being caught in the time-loop and with that, decided to just goof off and have some fun. She learned how to play the violin, she actually read Rory’s novel, and she also apparently found Hawkgirl’s mask from the first season.

After investigating everyone with no results eventually the tables turned, and Zari managed to get everyone to believe what was happening after she won over Sara. They went to the trash compactor on the ship (apparently, they have one of those), where they ended up finding Gary from the Time Bureau. He was able to start up the time loop in order to keep everyone alive.

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With the clock actually ticking after Gary’s time-loop device was broken, everyone started to really scramble. They ended up finding the bomb, but in turn it didn’t appear as though there was going to be any way in order to save everyone. As a result of that, Zari decided that she was willing to sacrifice herself in order to ensure that everyone else lived. Given that we did just lose Martin Stein earlier this season we actually did think that she was going to die.

It turned out Zari did survive, but in a really odd way as her mind was basically uploaded to same matrix as Gideon. The good news — we got Gideon in the flesh again! It was actually her who stuck her on the time loop, reliving the same life over and over again in order to produce the right outcome. The fact that Zari remembered everything is what matters.

The aftermath

Zari forced Ray to tell Sara the truth about Mallus — if she is taken over by the demon again she needs to be killed. Sara also agreed that she would help Zari save her brother.

Zari also gave a little bit of advice to Rory on his book and played the violin. Her story ended, but the episode concluded with Wally West! Rip Hunter paid him a visit in the present, looking for his help.

CarterMatt Verdict

We love time-loop episodes in general, especially when they have this sort of creativity within them. This may be one of the best Legends of Tomorrow episodes ever — not only did it nod at the show’s past, but it differentiated characters like Ray and Nate, made us love Zari so much more than we did previously, and also allow us to see more of a personal side to Sara Lance. It was incredibly funny at times while still super-meaningful at others.

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