TV Revivals: The way that The Office season 10 could actually work

The Office season 10If you’ve been following along in the press as of late, then you may already be familiar with the fact that The Office season 10 could be a reality on NBC — after all, they are talking about reviving the series!

Yet, signs point towards this new version not being the same show that much at all. It would have many new cast members — there’d be some returning faces, but it would be this bizarre sort of old-meets-new combination that runs a good chance of alienating everyone. Steve Carell wouldn’t be back, and given their other commitments it’s hard to imagine John Krasinski or Rainn Wilson being back for more than an episode or two. The same goes potentially for Ellie Kemper and Ed Helms.

So what should NBC be focusing on instead? Really, the same thing that they should have been doing from the start: A spin-off from The Office that features one or two characters moving on and establishing some sort of new career for themselves somewhere else. Take someone like a Dwight, an Oscar, a Phyllis, an Angela, or maybe even a supporting character from the past like a Karen and put them into a new office environment. Allow then an opportunity to be at the center of more hijinks. This would enable you to bring over a couple of former regulars as guest stars — also, this keeps you from having to completely purge everyone at Dunder-Mifflin Scranton. You could even just have this new office set in the same office park as the original version of the show, just in a slightly-different spot.

While we know revivals are the craze right now, doing The Office season 10 is slightly ineffective unless you are figuring out a way to add something new rather than just throwing a new coat of paint on something that is already there. The original American Office lasted for nine seasons — that’s a tremendous run! It’s hard to mine too much more material from some of those characters.

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