Celebrity Big Brother episode 7 review: Was Shannon Elizabeth or James Maslow sent home?

Celebrity Big Brother episode 7We figured going into Celebrity Big Brother episode 7 that we would be spending most of the article talking about the eviction of Shannon Elizabeth. However, one of the larger focuses to us was seeing the reaction by Ariadna Gutierrez to seeing the message from her father.

Has there ever been a more emotional moment like this in Big Brother history? It’s hard to think so, especially in terms of what the reaction to it was from most of the contestants. Almost everyone got in there for a hug in what was absolutely a super-emotional moment. Some of the other reactions were almost memorable in their own right, including seeing Metta World Peace when he finally got to see his wife again. Seeing her again is one of the major things that is seeing motivating him at the moment.

Now, let’s dive into the rest of the episode starting with this: It took a long time to get into the relevant stuff in this episode beyond the family videos — think an hour. It was around this point where we saw the Veto Competition, an amusing journey through black lights that contained a wide array of pretty funny moments. After all, there’s nothing in Big Brother that is quite like watching people embarrass themselves with pea soup hitting them right in the face.

When we finally got to the eviction speeches, Mark McGrath took about three thousand hours to give an amusing and fairly charismatic speech. Meanwhile, Shannon chose to use some of her speech time in order to promote her cause of conservation. She was voted almost unanimously, with there being one rogue vote thrown in there by Brandi Glanville for good measure. (Why not?)

Shannon’s interview after the fact was pretty great, including her admission that Ross Mathews tried to tell her about her backdoor plan week 2 before the eviction. That didn’t sway her. She’s got very little interest in voting for Ross to win at the moment, but she does love Metta! Doesn’t everyone love Metta at this point? It’s pretty hard not to.

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