Santa Clarita Diet season 2 spoilers: Joel McHale, Psych alum Maggie Lawson cast

Joel McHaleThere are a couple of reasons to be excited about Santa Clarita Diet season 2 today, and it is courtesy of a couple of new additions to the series.

For starters, why not take a look at Joel McHale and Maggie Lawson in the photo above? The former Community star turned Netflix host is teaming up with the Psych alum as new characters on the series, and they will be playing “a more successful, more aggressive” version of Sheila (Drew Berrymore) and Joel (Timothy Olymphant). We anticipate that both parties are going to be tremendous sources of comedy, and it’s also possible that by the end of the season the two will also turn into Sheila’s food (that’s one way to get rid of the competition!). Santa Clarita Diet has a habit of transforming famous people into cuisine based on what we saw during the first season of the show. After all, Sheila has become undead and has developed a real knack for chowing down on human flesh throughout the first batch of episodes of the show (watch here).

So what’s going to be different during season 2? For starters, you’re going to see the local community start to react to the fact that people are going missing. Even though Sheila and Joel have done their best to target bad people a.k.a. those who will not be missed, there’s really only so long that you can go through such a ravenous habit before it starts to catch up to you. They’re going to have to contend with that while also establishing still some sort of normalcy in their professional and personal lives.

CarterMatt is sad to say that there is no official Santa Clarita Diet season 2 premiere date at the moment — Netflix notes that it is coming at some point in the spring, so the wait isn’t going to be too bad.

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