Legends of Tomorrow season 3 episode 10 review: Constantine, and Matt Ryan, still rule

John ConstantineLegends of Tomorrow season 3 episode 10 was the first episode of the CW series in the past few months, and it didn’t take too long to remind us as to why this show is one of our favorites within the DC superhero world.

For one, it’s just completely ridiculous. Take, for example, Mick Rory refusing to really help with the mission at hand beyond watching football. Meanwhile, you had John Constantine flirting with just about everyone on the entire ship — before making out with her about halfway through the episode. Matt Ryan is the perfect TV Constantine and, of course, he shined in every single second in which he was a part of the show. Why can’t he stick around?

Constantine’s purpose tonight was to help get a jump on Mallus, who seemed to resurface in the present-day universe through possession. Constantine found a young girl in Nora (with Damien Darhk connections, no less) whose possessor knew Sara’s name. This led the two, with the rest of the team, to an asylum in order to get more insight as to what was going on. Unfortunately, while there Sara, Constantine, and Leo (who was also great in this episode) found themselves being sent back in the past several decades.

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With these three in the past Ray and Zari worked in the present in order to take care of Nora, who became possessed again at one point before trashing Jitters and causing more chaos. The important thing to note here is that this episode served the purpose of showing how Nora fell in with the wrong crowd in the present, which helped to train her to eventually bring her father back for the sake of serving Mallus. The timeline is a little all over the place here but it does somehow check out.

Elsewhere in this episode, we saw a meeting of sorts between Amaya and Kuasa that turned violent, but also featured some surprising connections as Amaya decided that she could work with Kuasa, at least for the time being.

Aftermath of everything

It things as though the totems are somehow involved in determining how to stop Mallus, and there could be six of them. It’s not entirely clear who is in possession of all of them, but we can see that in due time. Also, it feels as though the demons within Sara are enough that it could cause her to have some demonic problems down the role.

The biggest cliffhanger was relayed by Ava in the closing minutes: Rip Hunter has escaped!

CarterMatt Verdict

While we still don’t love the totem storyline with Kuasa and Amaya as much as we do everything with Mallus, Legends of Tomorrow is a fun show that loves to take risks.

Beyond all of the humor, though, we really liked the attention to details — especially in terms of the multiple Easter eggs in this episode to Arrow season 4.

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