Scorpion season 4 episode 17 video: When geniuses lose their genius

Scorpion season 4 episode 17What happens when someone known for possessing a great skill lose it? Well, in part you get the plot of Space Jam. Beyond that, you’ve also got the story for Scorpion season 4 episode 17, which is going to be coming up on CBS come Monday, February 26 on the other side of the Olympics. We know that is a rather-long time to wait, but this episode makes it seem as though it’s going to be more than worth it.

The premise for this episode is something that has been done before on Scorpion in some other variations — we’re basically going to see some members of Team Scorpion find themselves effectively poisoned by a gas while out on a mission. Sometimes in the past we’ve seen them poisoned in a way in which they start hallucinating, but here it’s a little bit worse: The geniuses, right in the middle of the mission, are going to lose their ability to be geniuses. In other words, they are all going to become idiots on the fly and it’s up to the remainder of the team — namely, Paige — to save the day. Given that Paige is not a science whiz, this should prove fun.

Luckily, there are two things that Paige can rely on that may enable this mission to be a success.

1. Common sense – Perhaps more so than anyone else on the team, Paige understands that sometimes, there is a pretty reasonable answer to an unreasonable problem. She just has to take her time and think through what she is confronted with while working in this mission.

2. What she’s learned with the team – We don’t think per se that Paige has been off cracking some books in her time with the team, but she has picked up and started to understand much of what makes them great at their jobs. She can showcase some of what she’s picked up along the way during this case.

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