Celebrity Big Brother episode 3 review: Was James Maslow or Chuck Liddell evicted?

Metta World PeaceThe first thing that we have to say in regards to Celebrity Big Brother episode 3 is rather simple: This was long. As in, really long. This episode ran for two hours and it really didn’t need to. We did enjoy the chance to getting to see the contestants learn about the Super Bowl and other headlines, but there was a lot of filler within this episode and the vast majority of it was unneeded.

The more interesting stuff within this episode was all about strategy, starting with the opportunity to see some division within the seven-person alliance. For starters, Ross Mathews was clearly disrespected by some of the women in their discussions about the group; beyond that, we saw that Keshia Knight Pulliam was clearly invested in trying to keep Chuck Liddell safe and Shannon Elizabeth didn’t like that. One of the reasons why she opted to not use the Power of Veto was because, understandably, she did not want to get any more blood on her hands. She wants to play the game the way that she wants to play it, and that’s obviously without having to aggrandize the target that is on her. Not everyone was pleased with that.

It was more than 90 minutes into this episode when we really started to get into the meat here — who was going to go home between Chuck and James Maslow. James campaigned pretty hard to keep himself around, and it did feel like over time some of that started to work for him. Also, the divisions within the women’s alliance started to spiral increasingly out of control.

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Here’s the real irony of the episode — by the time we actually got to the eviction at the center of the episode, we actually didn’t get most of the interesting content that happened. Much of the waffling over the eviction vote came earlier today, as did the big fight between Brandi Glanville and Omarosa. There probably wasn’t time to throw much of that into the show.

The final eviction vote

The moment that Brandi voted Chuck, we knew what was going to be going down. The majority of the house voted to evict Chuck other than Omarosa, who was left out. (Did anyone else roll their eyes when Omarosa decided to evict “my good friend James”?)

Chuck took his eviction from the game pretty well, or about as well as he could, all things considered. He wasn’t completely shocked about the vote, but he also didn’t necessarily see that he did anything that wrong. He was just on the wrong side of an alliance and James figured out a way to be more useful to some of the people in power.

Also interesting: The women’s alliance is already falling apart, even though it only came into existence at the start of the game. The jury is also going to be going home, so like in Big Brother season 3 this could be very skewed based on the show edit.

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